– New Discord account

– Python 3

– Discum

– Files (in link credits to Discum)

– Preferable VM( virtual machine) with linuxIf you need windows version please check this out. All credit goes out to him:

Step one install everything

Get Git hub and extract filesReleases · V4NSH4J/discord-mass-DM-GO · GitHub

Get Scrape text make a .py · GitHub

Python installation 

Sudo apt get install python

Reword- path (Python)

alias python=’python3′Install pip and discumSudo apt install python3-pip

Pip install discumStep two discord and tokens

Log into discord. Click your account settings on the bottom left. 

Go to ADVANCED setting and enable Developer Mode

Join a discord (or find the discord you want)In the server Hit CRTL + SHIFT + I 

Go to the Network and find and open messages or science. Then locate the Authorization tokenFind server ID by right clicking top left on servers name (copy id)Find chat room ID by right clicking on the chat room (copy ID)Paste those into the txt

Run ( python3

Will give you all user IDs in the user txt file. Open and copy all user ID into the members.txt under the input folder in the DMDGO folder. 

Enter the Authorization token in the tokens.txt file in the same location as above.Edit your message in the message.json  using the Embed Builder (

Open terminal within  DMDGO folderRun discord-mass-dm-GO (./discord-mass-dm-GO)